International demand for wet freight is greatly influenced by the global crude oil and refined products trade. Equally, international freight supply is a direct factor of shipping tonnage available to move commodities and goods.

Blackstone hedges cargo movements with freight and commodity derivatives in order to ensure efficiently delivery of our commodities around the globe.

We secure vessels on term contracts, time charters, spot voyages for periods spanning 7 days to 1 year.

We utilize only double hull ships in accordance with MARPOL international Convention agrrement.

Blackstone employs vessels in various sizes ranging from 50,000 to 320,000 DWT tankers. In conjuction with our partners, we are also able to deliver LNG and LPG cargos on a global basis.

Through our offices in Dubai and Singapore, we maintain 24-hour global coverage of our maritime operations. Our chartering desk supports our clients, suppliers, and our oil and petroleum products traders.

We provide qualified buyers with option to buy their commodities with freight, on CIF(cost, insurance and freight) and (free on board) terms.

Our Dubai office issues voyage orders, negotiates with port agents, manages claim and bunkers, completes stowage plans and demurrage for our time-chartered fleet.

Blackstone acts as an internal freight service provider to execute the cargo requirements of various trading desks. Our freight operations maintains close coordination with our physical trading desk in order to fulfill their trades and capacity planning.

We maintain high safety and maritime operation safety standards. Our protocols meet and exceed international standards. We also palce a high value on cargo security and vessel vetting.