Naphtha is an integral and versatile commodity for global refiners, accounting for over 20% of all output from crude refining. From blending into gasoline, to petrochemical feedstock to being used as a diluent, over 100 million tonnes are traded per year.

Our global trading team can supports petrochemical needs through efficient supply of naphtha and condensates to the Asian markets.

Naphtha is a light hydrocarbon fraction. We offer two types of Naphtha:

1) Light naphtha with a boiling range from 30°C – 90°C for petrochemical and gasoline blending processes.

2) Heavy naphtha with a boiling range from 90°C – 170°C for reforming or production of reformate aromatics for gasoline components.

Our trading teams are active in the Arabian Gulf, Indian, Asia, South America, and US markets. The diverse uses of naphtha create numerous trading opportunities.

By monitoring customer’s dynamic needs, and actively engaging them, we are able to fulfill many trading opportunities by meeting their exact requirements.

Our naphtha trading coverage in Dubai and Singapore, allows us to develop close working relationships with regional commodity traders and global refineries.

Our shipping team ensures that customer’s receive products on FOB or CIF terms when they need them.