As US and European Jet Fuel markets ebb and flow, demand in Asia remains strong as the region continues its increased economic and tourist activity. As air cargo volumes closely track business confidence, demand for jet fuel is shored up by stabilized economies in the US-EU zones and buoyed by the strength of growth in Asian markets.

Long-term, environmental regulations and increased aircraft fuel efficiency will continue to dampen demand. Jet fuel prices are strengthening again after several years as civil passenger volumes have recently returned to pre-recession levels.

Our trading team covers Jet Fuel A and A-1 (ASTM D1655) in the middle distillate market. We source and deliver aviation turbine fuels for use in turbo-fan, turbo-jet, and turbo prop engines.

Our supply of aviation fuels adhere to stringent production standards (ASTM D1655 and others). From the refinery to delivery to your storage tanks, we implement a rigorous sampling and laboratory analysis check of fuel quality.

In additional to physical arbitrage trades, we also manage our positions with financial swaps and derivatives to hedge our exposure.

Our experienced trading team has the flexibility to respond to shifts in demand in different markets around the globe. Once physical arbitrage opportunities are locked in, we efficiently execute transport and delivery of jet fuel to our customers around the globe.

Our existing global relations with refineries and end-users provides us the ability to adapt to dynamically changing market conditions. This capability allows us to provide our customers with the right product, at the right price, at the right location, at the right time. Or as we say, “Getting it done right.”

Our trading desks are located in Dubai and Singapore and support our global physical arbitrage trading.

While we maintain a robust electronic trading infrastructure, our trading teams still actively conduct in-person negotiations and site visits in order to gain first hand market knowledge and provide our aviation clients with the best pricing available.