The last six years has seen the global currency markets in turmoil. As governments seek to stabilize and expand their economies, many investors and central banks have shored up their asset base the oldest traded currency in the world – gold.

Gold bullion, in minted and cast forms, is the most widely traded commodity in the history of the world. While the financial trading of gold equities has pulled back over the past two years, demand for physical gold, particularly in Asia, remains strong. Gold prices are not only effected by traditional supply and demand factors, they are also impacted by politics and central bank influences.

We trade in London Metal Exchange (LME) deliverable grades of gold.

Our trades are completed in adherence to both London Good Delivery and Dubai Good Delivery standards.

Our gold bullion is refined in both cast and minted gold bars.

Utilizing our mining company assets in Africa and South America, we leverage our relationships in local markets to aggregate gold concentrates. These concentrates are then refined in South Africa and Dubai into various sizes of LME grade gold bars.

We utilize bonded storage in Dubai to ensure the security and integrity of the bullion.

We take great pride in executing our physical trades with precision and integrity. Our global presence allows for us to quickly identify and capitalize on arbitrage opportunities and bring gold bullion to the market at highly competitive prices.

As a physical arbitrage trading house, we promote liquidity in the physical commodities markets. We are also active in the derivatives markets