The demand for bunker fuel accounts for more than 35% of global petroleum product trading. It is an inexpensive fuel that is used for power generation and fueling maritime vessels.

We understand the needs of shipping companies and power generations companies to have uninterrupted, sustainable access to low priced, quality fuel oils. As refineries continue the trend to produce higher value products, ready supply of fuel oil will become more constrained.

Our trading teams source and trade CS 180 and CS 380 fuel oils. We supply these products on FOB terms in Dubai and Singapore and CIF for approved clients.

We understand that end users have unique specification requirements and by utilizing our regional refining partners we seek to provide them the right product mix to sustain their operations.

Our trading offices in Dubai and Singapore manage the physical arbitrage trades of fuel oils and risk mitigation via the derivative markets.

We are capable of providing high quality fuel oil products to our customers throughout Asia, Arabian Gulf, and Indian Ocean markets.

Our trading offices in Dubai and Singapore are well positioned to support trades in the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and Asian markets.

Balancing product specifications, market knowledge, and efficient logistics we are constantly focused on bringing the right product at the right price to our customers.