Crude oil is the world’s most actively traded physical commodity. The vast majority is sold through long-term contracts between oil producers and refiners. Approximately, 30% of the physical market is freely-traded.

We are focused primarily on providing liquidity in the Arabian Gulf, Asian, and South American markets.

We conduct physical arbitrage of various grades of crude oil. From heavy Castilla Blends to medium Al Shaheen to light UPPer Zakum, we seek to provide liquidity and value to the global market.

Working directly with refineries, trading desks, and hedge funds, our team seeks to ensure that Blackstone earns the reputation of a reliable partner.

We understand that the crude oil market is intensively competitive. For this reason, we ensure that every physical trade is conducted with the utmost discretion, while still adhering to international regulations.

Operating as physical traders we provide liquidity to assist crude oil producers in meeting and exceeding their export goals. We provide liquidity in the market and facilitate the global supply and demand rebalancing.

We actively arbitrage in the light, medium, and heavy crude markets in order to provide a full range of crude oil to our refinery and petrochemical clients.

Our traders in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Houston actively work with national oil companies and trading desks to provide our clients “the right product, at the right time, in the right location, for the right price.”

Our double-hulled crude carriers meet stringent international standards and logistics team works closely with clients in order to ensure efficient delivery of crude oil.