We are currently evaluating and negotiating mining opportunities in Zambia (Copper, Gold) and Colombia (Gold). We also source metals from mines in Asia (Philippines), Southern Africa (Zambia, Tanzania, DRC) and South America (Peru, Chile, Colombia) for both spot and long-term offtake agreements.

We have, and continue to develop, long-term beneficial relationships with miners and smelters.

We trade copper, iron ore, and blister copper. Many miners and smelters seek long-term offtake agreements so that they can stabilize their production plans. A more predictable revenue stream leads to great efficiency and production quality over the long term.

As both miners and physical commodity traders we have a great insight into the cost and price yields effecting metals pricing. We utilize both short and long term derivatives in order to de-risk our physical commodity positions and gain upside valuation in favorable upward market movements.

We specialize in aggregating ores from a variety of sources and ensuring their quality and adherence to specifications set by our global customers.

We have sourcing centers in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Zambia, DRC, and the Philippines. Our security and logistics teams have great depth in navigating some of the world’s most remote areas.

Blackstone Zambia and Blackstone Colombia are our principal mining companies and as such are the lead entities for production, aggregating, and sourcing metal ores for our physical commodities trading.

Utilizing our diverse infrastructure assets, we aggregate ores from multiple sources in order to provide our clients with several poly-metallic concentrates, including copper, iron ore, and gold.

We work closely with local smelters to meet their specific requirements and then ship them to end users around the world.

The global commodities markets are very sensitive to supply and demand forces. As such, we hedge the pricing of commodities and concentrates in the derivatives markets. We also monitor global production trends, freight patterns and pricing, and metal prices.